My Love: Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters

Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters' fan
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I found some acquaintances:

 First pic: Harold Perrineau, who also starring 28 Weeks and The Unusuals, and Jeremy appeared in his MV ”Star Strong” as a guest starring.

Second pic: Jeremy’s CAA agent Joel Lubin(right), who is Jeremy’s personal friend, went to watched NBA game together last year.

Third pic: Don Handfield(left to Jeremy),who is the co-founder of Jeremy’s production company The Combine.  Kris also joined two movies directed by him as a guest.

Fouth pic: Don Handfield and his wife(left and right) 

Then OMG!Yahoo said “Renner kept quiet but mingled with friends like actor Bill Paxton, power agent Kevin Huvane, ‘Modern Family’ creator Steven Levitan, mand former ‘ER’ star Eriq La Salle.”

Kevin Huvane serves as managing Partner and Managing Director of CAA  

And cause it’s nothing about PR, so Susan Patricola, who always with Jeremy didn’t show up.   :)