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Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters (January 18, 2014)


Happy birthday, my dearest love.


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Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters arrive at the airport of Florence for Diesel Black Gold Show during Pitti Immagine Uomo 85 on January 7, 2014 in Florence, Italy.

Happy birthday Jeremy ❤




Kelly: But more than that, you’re also a new dad.
Jeremy: Yeah, it’s the best role I’ve played so far, I think.
Kelly: It’s so great.
Jeremy: Being a dad has changed my life.
Michael: Because when you were here january we talked to you, we had no idea, like two months later you’re having a baby, and I’m like this man works quick.
Jeremy: And quietly.
Michael: But you named her Ava, such a pretty name. How did you pick that?
Jeremy: Well, it’s a palendrome, like my last name, spelled the same way. An old classic hollywood name.
Kelly: Is she a daddy’s girl, are you wrapped around her finger?
Jeremy: Yeah, absolutely yeah.
Michael: What’s her personality so far?
Jeremy: Personality, I don’t know. 8 months old, she smiles a lot.
Michael: She’s not talking and walking yet.
Jeremy: She does scoot around a bit. But she’s — she’s amazing. She’s a happy baby. She sleeps 12 hours…

Jeremy Renner  & Kristoffer Winters & Joel Lubin have a delightful night out at Chateau Marmont in WeHo

HP of Kristoffer’s Interior Design Company
You could find lots of his design work on this website

plus, Jeremy’s mother VALERIE is listed as staff in the page.!about/cwtd

Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters in West Hollywood (Oct 3 ,2013)


This is long. My apologies. But, there was a lot to take in.

Predicting American Hustle for Oscars is no easy task. You have to keep in mind that this is Sony. And it already has Captain Phillips (I haven’t seen it) to contend with. Not saying that it can’t juggle both, I just recommend…

Jeremy Renner is supporting. He does lovely, subtle work here. The movie basically makes you fall in love with this criminal. But, you’re also left wondering if his taking illegal bribes was all that criminal. In fact, at the end of the movie, you’re wondering what the fuss was all about. Yeah, what the politicians did was wrong, but you’re left wondering what was the point. The movie could have had a stronger POV on this matter. It was all just there and I really didn’t know how to feel about. And it was difficult to pass my own judgment, because I didn’t understand enough about the events and what they all meant. Anyway, Renner’s role stands in contrast to his previous two nominations, so it’s not without reason to believe that the AMPAS would recognize him. He probably won’t get nominated, but, like most of the main actors in the movie, he could get in easily with a sweep. And, if he does get nominated over Cooper, you basically know that they do love him and will continue to express that love in the future. 

Jeremy Renner: Not likely. Internal competition. Personal sight unseen, Michael Fassbender and Jared Leto look likelier also. Plus, there are a lot of wildcard possibilities on top of it all at the moment. Could get in with a sweep maybe. 

 Bradley Cooper: maybe. I can’t decide. Like, I said, he’s a blind-spot for me in the unfavorable department. But, if the AMPAS embrace the movie, he could totally happen, probably more than Renner. 

Louise C.K.: No, unless we’re looking at a Godfather situation. Loved, loved, loved him in this movie. His Michigan accent was wonderful and his performance was delightful. If this was a Godfather II situation, I’d say, yes, predict him. But, he probably falls in line behind Cooper and Renner. 


The same pink hairs, the same leather pants. So, the same lady?

June 14, 2013 at Sunset Towers Hotel with Tom Cruise, and September 20, 2013 at The Palm restaurant.

Jeremy’s new PR?