My Love: Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters

Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters' fan


At Soccer Aid last night I not only got to see Jeremy Renner in the flesh less than 20 meters away from me, but I also got to see that resting face and the infamous lunges.

Jeremy Renner Huading Awards 2014



"A masterpiece." -The AV Club’s Ignatiy Vishnevetsky on The Immigrant

Now playing in select theaters:

thx Sarah Dunn

you know…

she said Jeremy was her muse,lol..

Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters (January 18, 2014)


Happy birthday, my dearest love.


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Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters arrive at the airport of Florence for Diesel Black Gold Show during Pitti Immagine Uomo 85 on January 7, 2014 in Florence, Italy.

Happy birthday Jeremy ❤




Kelly: But more than that, you’re also a new dad.
Jeremy: Yeah, it’s the best role I’ve played so far, I think.
Kelly: It’s so great.
Jeremy: Being a dad has changed my life.
Michael: Because when you were here january we talked to you, we had no idea, like two months later you’re having a baby, and I’m like this man works quick.
Jeremy: And quietly.
Michael: But you named her Ava, such a pretty name. How did you pick that?
Jeremy: Well, it’s a palendrome, like my last name, spelled the same way. An old classic hollywood name.
Kelly: Is she a daddy’s girl, are you wrapped around her finger?
Jeremy: Yeah, absolutely yeah.
Michael: What’s her personality so far?
Jeremy: Personality, I don’t know. 8 months old, she smiles a lot.
Michael: She’s not talking and walking yet.
Jeremy: She does scoot around a bit. But she’s — she’s amazing. She’s a happy baby. She sleeps 12 hours…